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21st Century Convenience

At ME, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the retail property market. We have found that properties anchored by internet-resistant tenants, such as grocery stores, offer the perfect platform for small and large businesses alike to thrive and succeed within their local communities. We understand the importance of a strong sense of community within the retail market, which is why our focus is on providing properties that can help foster this, while also offering a return on investment for landlords and tenants alike.

Our team is dedicated to identifying the best possible properties, carefully selecting only those that meet our high standards for location, accessibility, and marketability. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities, and our wealth of experience in this sector puts us in the ideal position to help businesses find the perfect property to grow and flourish.

We have a strong understanding of the importance of office spaces that offer our clients an ideal platform to run their businesses. We focus on offering properties that are not only well-located but also accessible and highly marketable. Our team uses our wealth of experience and knowledge in the commercial property market to identify the best possible spaces, ensuring they meet our high standards. 

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and are dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect office space to boost their growth and support their business needs. We realize that the ideal office space fosters collaboration, productivity, and a strong sense of community in the working environment. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional services while offering them the best return on investment possible.



Modern Collaboration



Commerce Commenced

Basing our efforts on our directly-involved experience in the industrial space from a tenancy perspective and our strong real estate and financial fundamentals, we continue to grow our footprint in the small bay and single-tenant industrial space.

For single-tenant properties, our team identifies strong, mission critical sites where we can partner with existing occupants through sale-leaseback arrangements, setting all parties up for future success.

When it comes to multi-tenant properties, we acquire sites that are occupied by long-term and economically essential tenants. We find the right opportunities to add value for both investors and tenants by improving operational efficiency and setting the property up for continued exponential success.

Our Services


Site Identification

Your business has specific needs or may want to corner a market by taking advantage of a void. Our team is here to help find locations where you succeed.


Have a neighbor who you synergize well with? Know what products or services compliment yours? We can help place you with great neighbors to grow with.


Whether it's your first time dealing with commercial space or your millionth, we're here to help find a deal that's a win for everybody, no matter what.